AMEN has developed demanding creative design and communication solutions in all disciplines since 2003. With elevated design competence, emotion, taste and intellect. AMEN creates holistic and distinctive brand experiences. Both Analog and digital; Two- and three-dimensional. AMEN wants to give products, needs or ideas a soul to revive them. It transforms matters into shapes, colours, materials and text, so they can easily be read in all their complexity. AMEN wants to win the spectator through design, wants to amuse them, reveille a prickle and lift their spirits. AMEN wants to set the mind in motion to excite, instigate and seduce. The sustainable idea is our discipline. AMEN looks for the glamour in the ordinary, for the poetry in the well-known. AMEN inspires an outstanding view on the common and captivates to new perceptions. AMEN believes in more than pure thinking. AMEN accepts intuition and thus connects modernity, vitality and creativity. AMEN works national and international, authentic and interdisciplinary. AMEN stands for design that glows. AMEN means: so be it. AMEN say:
Michaela Prisco and Claudio Prisco.